Words and Waffle

My kids are amazing 🙂 They’re so creative, funny and confident and I have no idea where they get so many of their wacky ideas, but it keeps life fun and interesting!
Mitch’s latest achievement (and big news that you’d definitely hear if you were to visit us in person) is that he can ride his bike without training wheels! Not only is he proud of that fact, but he’s also proud of the fact that grandad couldn’t ride without training wheels til he was five and Mitchell’s only four. He’s spending heaps of time outside just zooming around and we’ve also had a few trips to the bike track so that he can practise his new found skill.
His latest buddy is the postman. Mitch’s taken to racing out the front to wait at the letter box when he hears the postie heading up the other side of the street so that he doesn’t miss him on his way back down. Last week he had several meetings with the postie, who seemed happy enough to stop and hear all about riding without training wheels and the fact that he’s a year ahead of grandad :). Then one day Mitch raced out and it wasn’t long before I heard a beep, then Mitch returned again, empty handed. When I asked him about the mail he said “no, there wasn’t any mail, he just stopped and let me honk his horn!”
Amelia’s loving school. I’m so happy that we went with Sonlight, we are all enjoying it and the kids are learning so much and are so enthusiastic to start everyday! After a couple of weeks of schooling I asked Amelia if it was as fun as she had thought and hoped it might be, and her response was “Funner!”
She’s a sensitive little thing, and can get worried by things pretty easily, and often has bad dreams. I spend lots of time comforting and praying for her. I was in her room, just before bed the other night and said how I was glad she’s been sleeping better and having better dreams and she said “Well, I haven’t been having any dreams. Basically all my dreams are bad, so I like it when I don’t have any and can just relax all night without seeing horrible things in my eyelids.” Poor little chick. I love the way she verbalises things 🙂
And just one more thing…I was putting her to bed another night, and we’d done the whole night routine, she was clean, her teeth had been done, hair up, she’d had a drink, we’d done the daily before bed debrief, we’d said our prayers, and I was leaving the room when she said “excuse me mum”, and I mentally started checking off the list to try to work out what I had forgotten, when she said “I love how much you take care of us.” And my heart melted.


Just because my kids crack me up.

A conversation I overheard yesterday:

M.  Guess what Amelia?!

A.  What?

M.  No, you have to guess.

A.  I can’t guess, I used up all my guesses yesterday, remember?

M.  Well, I can’t tell ya.

A.  Ohhh, alright then…Dad let you help push the lawn mower?

M.  Nup.

A.  You saw the dogs up close yesterday?

M.  Nup.

A.  You like the curly slide at the park?

M.  No.

At this point I realised exactly why Amelia had used up her guesses yesterday and figured that this could go on all day so I offered some advice.  “Amelia has had three guesses already so when she gets to five if she hasn’t guessed, Mitchell has to tell.”

After two more failed attempts I heard.

A.  Right, Mitchell, that’s five, now, tell!

And, so with great gusto he shouts:  NIGHT ANIMALS!!!

A.  Oh…