Just because my kids crack me up.

A conversation I overheard yesterday:

M.  Guess what Amelia?!

A.  What?

M.  No, you have to guess.

A.  I can’t guess, I used up all my guesses yesterday, remember?

M.  Well, I can’t tell ya.

A.  Ohhh, alright then…Dad let you help push the lawn mower?

M.  Nup.

A.  You saw the dogs up close yesterday?

M.  Nup.

A.  You like the curly slide at the park?

M.  No.

At this point I realised exactly why Amelia had used up her guesses yesterday and figured that this could go on all day so I offered some advice.  “Amelia has had three guesses already so when she gets to five if she hasn’t guessed, Mitchell has to tell.”

After two more failed attempts I heard.

A.  Right, Mitchell, that’s five, now, tell!

And, so with great gusto he shouts:  NIGHT ANIMALS!!!

A.  Oh…


Trying to think of a post title always makes my brain stop working.

First things first:  Huge apologies for the disappearing post that went up and down all in the one day recently!  A few people have asked me what happened…I was working on a large post (which I still have not got around to finishing) and thought I’d be really cool and do it on my iPad, with the wordpress app, and when I went to save it for later it published itself, so then I had to go and get it back and put it into drafts where it belongs.

Life here has been busy.  Sam has now finished his first year of uni, so glad to have it over and also happy with how it went.  We’re 25% of the way though the degree now, only three more of what we’ve been through, which to be honest went super quickly, and then we’re done!  Do you like all the ‘we’s’ there?  It feels like I’m doing a uni degree too  🙂

After Sam’s last exam we went away for a week.  We spent a few nights in Port Macquarie with Sam’s parents, and while we were there, left the kiddies with Grandma and Grandad for a night and went and stayed in a cabin in South West Rocks, and, I don’t think they even missed us.  At the end of the week we went to Sydney to stay with Meaghan and family, where Mum, Dad and Tain were also staying for the weekend, and had a grand ol’ time with everyone there before making an epic trip to Ikea and and then travelling home!  It was a big and fun week.  🙂

I spent last week washing, washing, washing –ten loads in all– and then this week has been full of gardening, groceries, and the beginnings of more renovations!  Today the carpet in the dining/lounge area was pulled up and we’re looking forward to getting all the gaps filled, sanding, finishing and having smooth timber floors.

The kids and I are flying to Qld on Monday to spend a week with the family up there, and we are so looking forward to it.  I’m busting to meet little Seth!!!

Anyway, just a note to let you all know we’re still here, and I ended up rambling so I’ll go.  Hopefully I’ll be in touch here again soon!

Photo by Sam.

May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour…

Well, I’m one of those rebellious people that won’t do something just because everyone else is, and usually go out of my way not to do what everyone else is.  When I started hearing all the raving over the Hunger Games, this was no different, I was determined not to like it or be involved in any way.  Then more and more people got talking about it, and unlike Harry Potter, Twilight, or Lord of the Rings, all of which seemed to have Christians debating over how wholesome they are, this is something that Christians and non-Christians alike seemed to really enjoy.  Curiosity got the better of me, and I picked it up at the library, just to check it out for myself, definitely not because I thought I’d like it…determined NOT to like it!

Well, that kinda went out the window a few chapters into the first book, when I found I just couldn’t put it down.  Then I had to read the next book and the next book to find out what happened!  I don’t even know why, but the books are so gripping.  So I told Sam he just had to read it and plonked it on his bedside table and he, who was even more anti than me, also could not put the books down!

While the plot seems crazy at first, after reading I can actually see that while the books are extreme, it’s not that far from reality either.  The struggle for power, and what happens when people actually get it, the fact that killing people isn’t something that just happens and you move on from, it has a deep affect.  Even the Hunger Games themselves–created as a punishment but enjoyed by all the residents of the Capitol–not completely unlike the days of the Gladiators, and even some horrific things that happened in Bible times just for enjoyment–people in those days did view some pretty graphic and gruesome things!

Anyway, all in all I enjoyed reading!  Sam and I have watched the movie together now and are looking forward to the next installments  🙂

My cousin Elizabeth wrote a nice and articulate little blurb on her blog here.  I agree with what she said.  Just pretend that’s what I said, ok?  🙂