Five Things…

Danielle tagged me to participate in this meme so here I am!  Five things I’m excited about or looking forward to, in no particular order:

1.  30th Birthday celebrations.  Somehow being 29 sounds way cooler than being 30.  For that reason, and because it makes me sound way older than I feel, I am not exactly looking forward to being 30 next month, however, seeing as it is a BIG birthday it does give more opportunity for celebration than the ordinary birthday, so that’s the part I’m looking forward to!  We don’t know exactly how we’ll do our little get together but we know when and where it will be and also that a few special people are coming!

2.  Home modifications.  Sam and I are talking and planning our guest room/school room change over and it’s got me excited.  I’m not a fan of massive renos (I’ve had experience of the not-so-fun variety where that is concerned) but this is a small-ish project and I’m actually looking forward to getting out the paint and giving the room a fresh feel, and getting some nice curtains and shelving in there.  And maybe a desk of my very own?

3.  Having friends come to stay next month. Looking forward to catching up properly and chat time for grown-ups in the evenings.  🙂

4.    A trip to Queensland to stay with family in December.  For a whole week!

5.  A new camera lens that should be arriving here sometime this week.  That will increase our lens options by 100%!