5 things you won’t know about my life from Instagram.

It’s been way too long since I posted here, so long that it’s hard to get into blogging mode. Here’s a little list of things that get missed when people only see little snapshots of my life…in no particular order.

1. We moved churches at New Year. After three and a half years at our old church and feeling quite lonesome and disconnected for pretty much that entire time we decided, after lots of prayer and discussion, to go to a different local church, and we are really really glad we have made that move. There is a huge emphasis on community at our new church, and there are passionate people who love and live what Jesus taught. We have been welcomed with open arms and are so thankful for the fellowship and friendship that had been shown to us so far. 🙂

2. I had a near miss dog attack. That’s probably all you need to know but if you want the whole story read on, otherwise, just skip to number three. 🙂 You probably know that one of my New Years resolutions for 2013 was to start jogging. Last year was not without it’s challenges. I really don’t like going out to exercise alone but I do it. It got harder when I was nipped by the same (small) dog a couple of different times and was even worse when I had an encounter with it’s owner, whom I decided I needed to avoid future meetings with…I changed my route which meant more hills for me to jog up, which meant less enthusiasm for me to go out…but still I soldiered on. Then about a month ago I had my scariest encounter yet when a massive dog came out of it’s yard, came straight across the road growling and snarling ready to attack! I had a drink bottle with me (first time this summer I’d taken it, so thankful!) and I stood stock still and waited…when it launched to bite I squirted it with the water, which was enough to startle it momentarily. Meanwhile a lady drove up in a car and slowed right down to help, and I managed to get the car in between me and the dog and made my escape! So scary. So, just another hurdle in my jogging attempts. It was a fortnight before I was able to go out again, but I did it, this time with a metal hiking pole as a “walking stick” because it’s illegal to carry weapons of any kind for self defence so I wouldn’t do that.

3. My vacuum cleaner broke on Friday, and I miss it too much already.

4. As a kid road trips were full of adventure and excitement for me. As a mum, they do not hold the same appeal.

5. I love the things my kids come out with. One of Amelia’s recent conversations cracked me up. It went something like :
Her: Dad’s not a good Dad.
Me: ??
Her: He’s not a great Dad, he’s a BRILLIANT Dad.
Me: Yeah, he is…what are you thinking of that makes you say that right now?
Her: He saved our tennis ball from the creek!
Me: Oh yeah, of course, that.


A Tender Moment

The boys were sitting at the breakfast table this morning, and Mitchell was stoking Daniel’s hand and telling him what various things are made from.
“Your pyjamas are made from fabric, your cup is made from plastic, and you’re made from God.”