I still remember how to do this!

edited candlesHey there people!  You thought I’d gone for a nice trip to the moon, didn’t you?  Wrong!  I’ve been here all along.  I was going to give all sorts of reasons for not blogging lately, but then I thought I’ll just let you know some of what I’ve been doing instead of blogging, and then you’ll get the run down on what I’ve been up to and I’ll kind of be making my excuses at the same time. Ha!

  • homeschooling — we’re loving Sonlight, reading together and seeing how much amazing progress is being made when we spend a couple of concentrated hours on learning in the mornings.  We’ve just started term three, and I think we’re actually getting the hang of it now, yay!  It’s gone pretty well all year, but I felt especially refreshed after our recent two weeks off, which we spent here at home, and we’ve been back at school for a fortnight now and I reckon this has been our best couple of weeks yet.  I got a few activities sorted for the boys during the holidays, and it has made a massive difference making sure they are focussed in the mornings, while I’m busy helping Amelia.
  • making pasta from scratch — yummy and fun, but it takes a little time!  We love pasta here, but I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable about feeding the family all this white pasta from the pantry, but some of the family are reluctant to switch to wholemeal so I feel better about making my own here at home.  Even though it still has way too much white flour in it, at least it has the added benefit of free range eggs too.
  • knitting — I’ve made a vest for each of the boys and have loved creating and actually finishing some projects.  I’m keen to knit one for Amelia now, nothing like a vest to keep the core warm on these chilly days!
  • jogging — still keeping up with the plan I set at the beginning of the year.  I was getting up at six and heading out but as the weather got colder I was finding it harder and harder to get out of bed and actually started to DREAD the alarm going off because I had to go out into the cold. It made so much sense when Sam said “why don’t you go at seven?” And then I wished I had thought of that.  It has made all the difference.  Still cold, I have come home with icicles in my hair on more than one occasion, but all in all a lot better.  I felt like a local when last week our garbage man commented that I was running alone and that I didn’t have a trail of neighbourhood dogs keeping me company! (Yes, this town still has men running along behind the truck manually lifting the bins onto the back, welcome to hicksville my friends.)
  • cooking and cleaning for church — after an eighteen month long maternity break we’re back on the roster at church this year.  It only comes up once a month, and this is our weekend, but I find it a very busy week when we’re on, and that once per month seems to rock around very quickly!  We’re glad to be doing our bit though.
  • reading blogs — it’s so much easier to sit down and read a post than to write one.  I’ve discovered a couple of style blogs recently which have inspired me to make the most of my current wardrobe and to get more creative, and also tips on what to look for when shopping to ensure that new purchases are going to coordinate with current items. So much common sense, more ideas I wish I’d thought of, but inspiring to read!  It has also come at a good time, as I have been recreating my style and trying to realise that yes my body has changed since becoming a mum, and that’s not all bad, but to dress to suit my figure as it is now, not try to squeeze into clothes that once looked good on me, and then wonder why I feel frumpy…(And while I’m here on the topic of blogs I’ll apologise to my friends for a lack of comments on your blogs recently, I got myself all muddled and confused when google reader stopped and I lost all my fave blogs for a while, but I’m hoping I’ve got it all sorted again now.)

Well, that’s a little from our life lately.  What have YOU been up to?


Words and Waffle

My kids are amazing 🙂 They’re so creative, funny and confident and I have no idea where they get so many of their wacky ideas, but it keeps life fun and interesting!
Mitch’s latest achievement (and big news that you’d definitely hear if you were to visit us in person) is that he can ride his bike without training wheels! Not only is he proud of that fact, but he’s also proud of the fact that grandad couldn’t ride without training wheels til he was five and Mitchell’s only four. He’s spending heaps of time outside just zooming around and we’ve also had a few trips to the bike track so that he can practise his new found skill.
His latest buddy is the postman. Mitch’s taken to racing out the front to wait at the letter box when he hears the postie heading up the other side of the street so that he doesn’t miss him on his way back down. Last week he had several meetings with the postie, who seemed happy enough to stop and hear all about riding without training wheels and the fact that he’s a year ahead of grandad :). Then one day Mitch raced out and it wasn’t long before I heard a beep, then Mitch returned again, empty handed. When I asked him about the mail he said “no, there wasn’t any mail, he just stopped and let me honk his horn!”
Amelia’s loving school. I’m so happy that we went with Sonlight, we are all enjoying it and the kids are learning so much and are so enthusiastic to start everyday! After a couple of weeks of schooling I asked Amelia if it was as fun as she had thought and hoped it might be, and her response was “Funner!”
She’s a sensitive little thing, and can get worried by things pretty easily, and often has bad dreams. I spend lots of time comforting and praying for her. I was in her room, just before bed the other night and said how I was glad she’s been sleeping better and having better dreams and she said “Well, I haven’t been having any dreams. Basically all my dreams are bad, so I like it when I don’t have any and can just relax all night without seeing horrible things in my eyelids.” Poor little chick. I love the way she verbalises things 🙂
And just one more thing…I was putting her to bed another night, and we’d done the whole night routine, she was clean, her teeth had been done, hair up, she’d had a drink, we’d done the daily before bed debrief, we’d said our prayers, and I was leaving the room when she said “excuse me mum”, and I mentally started checking off the list to try to work out what I had forgotten, when she said “I love how much you take care of us.” And my heart melted.

New Year, Fresh Start


Almost a whole month of 2013 has gone already. I think the time goes faster as I get older. But here I am, and I still (almost) remember how to blog.
This month has been a whirlwind of new schedules, ideas, renovations and preparations. We transformed our dark guest room into a light and airy school room. I’ve been prepping and organising my schedule ready to begin homeschooling in the next couple of weeks. My little girl who was a baby not so long ago has lost two teeth and is ready for kindy. Wow.
So far I’ve been successful in sticking with my New Years resolutions, although I’m not calling them resolutions, I’m scared of that term, as it sounds too committed. Mine are just ‘goals’ this year. I’m pretty sure they’re actually the same thing when it ones down to it but the word goals sounds better to me. Less of a failure if I don’t make it…
Anyway, I decided this year is going to be a more fit and healthy year for me. I’ve started a run training app and I’ve just completed my fourth week. I’m not loving the actuality of getting up early and pushing my body to it’s limit first thing in the morning but I can already see that I’ve improved and it’s exciting to be getting fitter and to be able to go further each week.
I’ve also started a bible in a year reading plan, which I’m actually loving. I chose a chronological one, and decided to do it over two years, but so far I’ve found it manageable enough to keep up with the one year plan. I’m using this app.
Apart from that I’ve been making lots of bread using this awesome recipe as well as lots of other scrummy things in the kitchen, and then, killing myself while I try not to eat them, because this is my healthy year!
Anyway, I think that’s our 2013 in a nutshell. I hope you are enjoying your new year and fresh start as I am!