Just because my kids crack me up.

A conversation I overheard yesterday:

M.  Guess what Amelia?!

A.  What?

M.  No, you have to guess.

A.  I can’t guess, I used up all my guesses yesterday, remember?

M.  Well, I can’t tell ya.

A.  Ohhh, alright then…Dad let you help push the lawn mower?

M.  Nup.

A.  You saw the dogs up close yesterday?

M.  Nup.

A.  You like the curly slide at the park?

M.  No.

At this point I realised exactly why Amelia had used up her guesses yesterday and figured that this could go on all day so I offered some advice.  “Amelia has had three guesses already so when she gets to five if she hasn’t guessed, Mitchell has to tell.”

After two more failed attempts I heard.

A.  Right, Mitchell, that’s five, now, tell!

And, so with great gusto he shouts:  NIGHT ANIMALS!!!

A.  Oh…


6 thoughts on “Just because my kids crack me up.

  1. Catherine says:

    And….. That was a lot of work! Lol

  2. WebberLife says:

    Hahaha! That is hilarious! Can’t wait to see those cuties!!

  3. Oh my, kids are a scream!

  4. Meaghan says:

    HAHAHA! I’m surprised Amelia didn’t guess “night animals” – isn’t it one of the standard answers to a “guess what?” question? 😉

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