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Quote of the day

Amelia and I were doing some craft yesterday and had a production line happening.  I managed to get ahead at one stage, and Amelia looked at the growing pile of paper and said

“I don’t know if I can handle all this but it’s happening!”

Welcome to life, little one.

This Week…

This week has been a good one.  We had a very busy month in April — lots of busyness at home, slight renovations inside, and a new roof on the house outside, as well as Sam’s parents staying here to help with said roof, for the duration of the project, which ended up being eighteen days.  With all the busyness,  it has taken me a few weeks to get back into the swing of everything, but this week I feel like we’re getting back to normality a bit.

We started off the week harvesting our vegetables.  We only planted potatoes, corn and tomatoes this year.  The whole garden came to a sudden end with the arrival of the frosts, so we picked what was left.  We didn’t have much success with the tomatoes, and the corn was doing really well, but went a bit tough when it was hit by the frosts.  We were however very happy with our potato harvest!  We planted 3 kilos of seed potatoes and harvested a whole 85 kilos of potatoes!  Neither of us particularly enjoy gardening but it certainly feels worthwhile when it works!

Other highlights of our week include:

  • the exciting news that my mum and sister and little niece are coming to stay in only two weeks
  • a coffee and cheeseburger at maccas with friends
  • sale at jeanswest
  • listing items for sale on ebay for the first time
  • coffee at the Lott as a family today

* * * * *

Thank you all for your comments!  I have to say I was pretty shocked to see that so many of you have taken an interest in coming over here for a lil visit, but it makes it all the more interesting and fun for me!