Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!  Here I’ll be sharing snippets from our family life, including funny anecdotes from the children, recipes, craft projects, day to day happenings, and photos*.

My sister suggested I begin my blogging life with this meme, and seeing as I don’t have any other ideas on how to get this thing rolling, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Twelve random things about me.  More a list of favourites, really.

ONE  One of my favourite things to do is shop on-line.  This could easily be taken the wrong way.  I’m not addicted to on-line shopping and very rarely do I buy something that we have not budgeted for.  When I need something and I buy it on-line, I enjoy the experience.  I think it’s fun.

TWO  One of my favourite things to own is a dishwasher.  Because of it I am here, not in the kitchen scrubbing dishes.

THREE  One of my favourite things to wear is a scarf.  I’m just discovering the joys of scarves and love that adding a scarf can change the feel of an outfit completely, plus it’s getting rather cool here as winter is drawing closer, and I’ve found that even a scarf made of light-weight fabric can make a big thermal difference.

FOUR  Some of my favourite things to cook are slices.  I love how simple they are to make, and you don’t need to roll them and get messy like you do with many biscuits, and there are so many yummy recipes to try.

FIVE  One of my favourite places to be at the moment is in front of the fire.

SIX  One of my favourite places to visit is a local foodstore, bakery and cafe — The Lott.

SEVEN  One of my favourite things to eat is chocolate.  Plain cadbury milk chocolate.

EIGHT  One of my favourite times of the day is the evening.  Often after dinner my husband will play the piano and the children dance (usually just run around the loungeroom crazy), and then they go to bed and it is quiet.  So nice.

NINE  One of my favourite household chores (are you allowed to call them a chore when they are favourite?) is hanging washing out on a sunny day.

TEN  Some of my favourite people to be with are my family.  Immediate right here and extended far away.

ELEVEN  One of my favourite things to look forward to is our daughter’s fifth birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.  We usually have fairly quiet birthdays, and seeing as we’re so far from family, birthdays so far have been just us.  We’re having a small gathering for Amelia this year.  Afternoon tea with two families.  She is so excited, and I’m having a ball planning the food and decorations.

TWELVE  One of my favourite things to think about at the moment is homeschool curriculum.  We’re planning to begin home schooling next year, and at the moment I’m feeling excited more than daunted.

 *These will be shared privately and will be password protected, so if you would like to see them, please get in touch with me, and I’ll share the password.